SAGE# 52248



To give the customer the best looking product, we have artwork requirements. Our preferred artwork is a
vectored file that allows us to modify your art to different size and style of mats. If you send non-vectored artwork,
please make sure the DPI is higher than 300. Artwork not meeting those standards may be subject to an additional
design fee. We will prepare your proof and submit to you within 24-48 hours.




• Any white outlines around letters or logos must be a minimum of 4 pixels (1 point).

• All text must be a minimum of 2 inches tall.
• All fonts must be converted to curves.
• All outlines must be converted to prevent the outlines from breaking apart, which throws a line  
  across the logo.
• Please ensure a 2 inch gap between logo/text from the edge of the mat to allow for carpet trimming.
• Registered trademarks require a minimum of 2 inches for legibility. If there is one, it must always
  be included unless the request indicates otherwise.
• The thickness of a logo or text that is a light color on a dark color background must be a minimum of 4
• The thickness of a logo or text that is a dark color on a light color background must be minimum of 2 to 3
  pixels (.3 points to .5 points).
• Please confirm the details: size, orientation & proper listing of colors.